Dallas County Warrant List

Are you looking for the Dallas County warrant list?  If you think you have a warrant out for your arrest in Dallas, locating it isn’t as easy as you might think.  To determine whether you have a warrant, the first step is to determine whether you truly have a Dallas County warrant, or a warrant issued by the City of Dallas. Dallas County warrants can be issued on felonies, misdemeanors, or traffic violations.  When searching online for a Dallas County warrant list, you may wish to visit the Dallas County court case information page.  After entering the CAPTCHA, input your name and date of birth.  You should then see a list of any Dallas County cases that have ever been filed against you.  If you have a question on whether you have a warrant outstanding on a particular case, simply click on your name next to the case on which you would like to research. At the bottom, in the center, of the first page that results, you should see a field entitled “warrant status.”  If the letter “A” appears, you may have an active Dallas County arrest warrant (“A” denotes an active warrant).  However, be advised that even if an “A” appears, you may or not actually have a warrant out for your arrest.  On occasion, this information is incorrectly noted.  Also, if you’ve had an active warrant in the past that has since been resolved, it’s possible that this information hasn’t been updated to reflect that the warrant has been recalled.  Dallas County warrants can also be issued on class C misdemeanors, such as traffic tickets, public intoxication, issuance of bad check, and possession of drug paraphernalia (to name a few).  Typically, if you have an active Dallas County class C misdmeanor warrant, it’s because you were cited or arrested for one of these offenses by a Dallas County Constable, deputy sheriff, or DART officer, and not a City of Dallas Police Officer.  For more information on Dallas County arrest warrants, you may also wish to contact the Dallas County Sheriffs Office at 214. 761.9026. If you were arrested or cited by a City of Dallas Police Officer for a class C misdemeanor violation, and you think you may have an active arrest warrant, you will want to search the City of Dallas citation search page, which will provide you with information on any outstanding Dallas Municipal Court violations that may be pending against you.  For further information on City of Dallas warrants, you can visit the Dallas Police Department’s arrest warrants page, or contact them by phone at 214.670.0109. As you’ve likely figured out by now, there’s not a single Dallas County warrant list that you can check.  To further complicate matters, it’s possible to have a warrant out for your arrest that hasn’t yet been entered onto any of these systems.  On occasion, an officer can possess a “pocket warrant,” signed by a judge, that you won’t be able to locate, even if you check all of these sources.  Also, arrest warrants issued on unfiled Dallas County cases are also difficult to find.  If you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest, contact an attorney immediately.  A skilled lawyer can determine whether you have a warrant, where and when it was issued, and advise you as to the proper course of action.  Frequently, it’s possible to post bond without your having to be arrested.  Don’t wait until you’re under arrest!  Call an attorney today!    

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