Great Texas Warrant Roundup of 2016

The Great Texas Warrant of Roundup of 2016 is slated to begin next month.  Once underway, police agencies throughout the state will undertake a concerted effort to arrest you, if you have pending warrants.  These agencies include city police departments, constables, deputy sheriffs, and warrant officers.  The Great Texas Warrant Roundup of 2016 is a coordinated effort among these various law enforcement agencies to arrest those with active arrest warrant of any type.  Whether you have traffic ticket warrants, a probation or parole violation, or a misdemeanor or felony case for which you’ve missed a court date, you are at risk of being arrested at your home, school, or place of business. However, you CAN take steps now to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of being arrested.  For example, if you have outstanding traffic ticket warrants, it may be possible for an attorney to post attorney bonds on your behalf, and cause the warrants to be removed without your going to jail.  Once removed the attorney can then set your cases for court, appear on your behalf and, in most cases, keep these traffic tickets from becoming convictions on your driving record, thereby avoiding Texas surcharge fees, points against your driivng record, increased insurance premiums, and possible license suspension. Likewise, if you have an outstanding arrest warrant on a misdemeanor or felony charge, an attorney may be able to have a bond set for you, and post an attorney bail bond on your behalf.  In many cases, it may be possible to have the judge waive the usual requirement that you be booked into jail.  In these instances, an attorney can remove the arrest warrant without your ever having to go into custody.  Once the warrant is addressed, an attorney can then represent you in court on the underlying criminal charge, and seek to bring about the best possible disposition for your case. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t wait to be “rounded up!”  As stated above, in many cases, it’s very possible to avoid going to jail, even if you have warrants out for your arrest.  However, you must take action.  Handle those warrants… before they handle you!  Don’t get arrested in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup of 2016. Dallas Attorney Blog