Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense
Effective Trial Criminal Defense

Berlof & Newton, P.C. provides Criminal Defense in

Dallas, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties

  We will vigorously defend you against your criminal charge, including:
  • DWI’s
  • Drug Cases
  • Weapons Charges
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Less Common Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses
In certain situations, we can help you gain early release from probation, obtain an occupational license, or have your arrest record cleared by means of an  expungement. Have you successfully completed deferred adjudication probation?  A new Texas law may allow you to seal your criminal history with an order of nondisclosure.
Miscellaneous Legal Issues

Miscellaneous Legal Issues

Criminal Defense

Obscured License Plates

You may already be breaking this law, and not even know it!  If your license plate frame “alters or obscures the letters or numbers on the plate, the color of the plate, or another original design feature of the plate”, you could be found guilty of a Class “C” misdemeanor, and subject to a fine of up to $200 plus court costs.  Look around… many of the license plate frames you see would seem to be in violation of this law.  Yours may be one of them!

Aiming A “Laser Pointer” At A Uniformed Safety Officer

With luck, you do not feel compelled to break this law.  However, laser fiends beware!  If you zap a “safety officer” (a peace officer, security guard, firefighter, emergency medical service worker, or other uniformed municipal, state, or federal officer), you could charged with a Class “C” misdemeanor.

“Point” System for certain traffic offenses

Certain traffic convictions will cause “points” to accrue against you.  For example, “moving violation” convictions will result in two points being credited toward your driving record (three, if the violation resulted in an accident). The Texas Department of Public Safety will assess a yearly “surcharge” on the drivers license of anyone who has accumulated six or more points during the preceding thirty-six months.  The surcharge is $100 for the first six points, and $25 for each additional point.  For each conviction of driving without your license, the surcharge is $100.  If you are convicted of driving with an invalid license, a suspended license, or for “no insurance”, the surcharge is $250.

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