Has someone you know recently been arrested in University Park?  If so, they are being held in a University Park Jail.  However, finding out which University Park Jail they’re in, and (more importantly) how to get them out, can be a difficult task.  If they’re arrested in the City of University Park, they are likely being held at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, which is located at 111 W. Commerce Street, immediately to the west of the Frank Crowley Courts Building (i.e., on the northwest corner of Commerce and Riverfront Boulevard).  The Lew Sterrett Justice Center is comprised of the North Tower, the West Tower, and the Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Facility

Other University Park Jails include the George Allen Jail, located at 600 Commerce Street, and the Decker Detention Center, located at 899 N. Stemmons Freeway. If someone you know was arrested in a University Park suburb (e.g., Garland, Mesquite, Farmers Branch,etc.), it’s possible that they are being held at a city jail.  If the offense with which they are charged is greater than a Class C misdemeanor, they will ultimately be transferred to a University Park Jail (i.e., the Lew Sterrett Justice Center) if a bail bond isn’t posted. 

  When someone is arrested, a judge typically sets a bond amount.  Once the bail bond amount is set, the person in jail can be released when their bond is posted. Bail bonds can either be posted in cash, or by means of a surety bond.  For example, if the bail bond amount is set at $10,000, you would be required to post a cash bond, for the full amount, with the University Park Sheriffs Department.  However, if you hire a lawyer to post an attorney bail bond, you can secure the person’s release at a FRACTION of the cost of posting a cash bond, simply by hiring the lawyer to represent the person on his criminal case. 

A criminal defense attorney can provide you with the two services your loved one needs: an attorney bail bond to secure his release from jail, and legal representation in court on the matter for which he’s been arrested.  A bail bondsman can only post a bail bond.  Why hire a bail bondsman, when he can only perform half of the job?  At Berlof & Newton, P.C. our University Park bail bond lawyer can quickly post a lawyer bail bond, have the person released from custody, and mount a zealous defense against the case in criminal court after posting their bond. If the person is being held at the University Park Jail (i.e., Lew Sterrett Justice Center), their bond will be quickly set.  However, if they’re incarcerated at a suburban jail, it may be many hours, or even days, before a bail bond amount is set by a judge.  Many of the smaller municipalities don’t have a full-time judge. 

Thus, your loved one may wait in jail needlessly, simply because a bond hasn’t been set, and one cannot therefore be posted to secure the person’s release.  However, the University Park bail bond lawyer at Berlof & Newton, P.C. can help.  We can post an attorney writ bond

Once filed, an attorney writ bond causes a bond amount to be set for someone who is being held in a suburban jail.  Once the bond amount is set, an attorney bail bond can then be posted, and the person in jail is freed from custody.  The University Park bail bond attorney at Berlof & Newton, P.C. can post lawyer writ bonds for persons held in the following University Park Jails: Highland Park Jail, University Park Jail, Irving Jail, Coppell Jail, Carrollton Jail, Richardson Jail, Addison Jail, Mesquite Jail, Garland Jail, Balch Springs Jail, Rowlett Jail, University Park Jail (Lew Sterrett), Desoto Jail, Cedar Hill Jail, and Farmers Branch Jail. Don’t delay. 

If your loved one is in a University Park Jail, call us at (214) 699-7975, dial **BAIL ME OUT (**224563688) for a free consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or contact our University Park bail bond attorney directly by using the “Get Legal Help Now!” form in the left margin of this web page.  If they’re in a suburban jail, we can post an attorney writ bond, get a bail bond amount set, and post an attorney bail bond.  If they’re in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, we can simply post a lawyer bail bond for them, once we’re hired on the criminal case.  For more information on University Park attorney bail bonds, please visit our bail bond websiteSe habla español.  

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