If someone you know is in in jail, you may be able to seek their release by contacting a University Park jail release lawyer. In certain cases, the bond amount for someone in jail may seem unattainably high. For example, in University Park, if you’re arrested on a felony probation violation warrant, you may be subject to a “no bond” warrant. As the name suggests, a “no bond” warrant means that you can’t be bonded out for ANY amount of money. However, what you may not know is that a University Park jail release lawyer can seek to have a bond set. Many times, the judge will set bond in a reasonable amount. If you’ve a hired a University Park jail release lawyer, this attorney may not only be able to obtain a reasonable bond, he or she can also potentially write the bond on behalf of the client, thereby securing the person’s release from custody. Aside from the “no bond” warrant circumstance, there are also situations in which a bond may be set in what seems to be an unreasonably high amount. In these cases, a University Park jail release lawyer may petition the court for a bond reduction hearing, at which the court will consider setting a lower bond. Once lowered, it may then be possible for the lawyer to post bond for the client, and get them out of jail. Also, when a person is arrested in a University Park suburb, their bond may not be set for a day or more, because the judge that sets bonds in that municipality does so infrequently. In these cases, it may be possible for a University Park jail release lawyer to obtain a writ bond, which allows a reasonable bond to be set immediately, which can then be posted so that the defendant can be set free. When you retain a University Park jail release lawyer, you are not only retaining them for jail release purposes. You’re also hiring them for representation on the offense for which they’ve been arrested. it is the attorney’s representation on your case that allows them to conduct bond hearings and seek writ bonds on your behalf. Likewise, this legal representation carries through to all other phases of the case, including full legal representation in court.

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